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In the Dark

​ "In the Dark" is a roguelike deck-building horror card game. Select one place of three, hire your partner, purchase items, and defeat enemies. If you come across ghosts, get their souls and make effective use of them. Each time you defeat a boss character, you can choose to end the game or continue. Please choose according to your time and achievements. Hidden items will also appear.


​ Story

Where am I? I don't remember clearly. The meteorite truck the earth, and then  the world was shrouded in darkness. Monsters have appeared, corpses corpses have turned into zombies, and I don't feel alive.

​Anyway, I have no choice but to move on.

Player Characters 4?
Merchants 6
Non-Merchant Survivors 12
Boss Monsters 9
Non-Boss Monsters 49
Ghosts 12
Attack Cards 92
Defense Cards 75
Skill Cards 119
Disadvantage Cards 11
Skills 70
Items 60


Q. Winning this game is dependent on luck?

A. It is designed to have less random elements. For example, shuffling cards is affected by the card composition and the remaining health points, and reward cards tend to be biased depending on the card composition. Upgraded cards are preferentially confiscated by other survivors, and non-upgraded cards are preferentially removed by items(But, the upgrade cards of the initial cards are treated the same as the cards that has not been upgraded.). Dialogue is affected by the player's rating and other survivors' personalities. Attacks of enemies and allies change depending on the remaining health points of everyone.

Q. What is player's rating?

A. While playing this game, you will be forced to make various choices. There is a rating system and its score fluctuates depending on your choices (the score is not always displayed). If the score gets worse, safe areas and merchants will not appear, and it will be a big disadvantage. It will increase by accepting other survivors' requests, killing monsters, buying and selling expensive items, etc. Conversely, it will decrease by breaking up negotiations with other survivors, killing them, using souls with too many souls, etc. If you save the game, you will have to start over from the beginning of the scene, so in order to prevent the save function from being used more than necessary, I set so that the score will go down even when using it.

Q. Only 4 player characters?

A. The fifth player character is a hidden character. Look for it like hidden items.

Q. Where do hidden items appear?

A. They always appear at the same time as ghosts. They are in one of two stashes. In order not to make them too easy to find just because you have learned them once, I have made them less obvious and set subtle time limits.

Q. It is hard to tell what is in the next place.

A. It is designed that way on purpose. If you look closely, there are times when you can tell, and even though you think it's a safe area, there are enemies and the worst development may happen.

Q. Counter attack damage is strange.

A. Instead of returning the number of the damage received, return the number of the opponent's attack. Weak is therefore not taken into account. Armor defense is also effective against Counter attacks. Counter attacks only occur against Melee attacks.

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